Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rewards Website Where You Can Earn Cash, Giftcards, Or Much More!

What Is Superpoints?

Superpoints is a free website where you can earn points that you can redeem for paypal cash, gift cards, electronics, and more.

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How Do I Earn Points?

You can earn points several different ways:
1.) Super Lucky Button

- Depending on your Member Status, you get to click the button either 5, 30, 50, or 100 times per day.
- Randomly, the button will give you points. Sometimes its a lot, sometimes it's only a few.
- Sometimes when you win, it will give you a special invite link that someone can sign up with. If you get someone to sign up with that link, both you and them get extra points.

2. LuckyMail
- You get emails sent to you by Superpoints with random amounts of points in them. click on them to get the points put into your account!

3. Videos
- When available, you can earn points just for watching videos!
- You can earn off the same videos daily, if they are still available.

4. Surveys
- You can complete surveys to earn, some will be offered to you in email, and others you can find under special offers

5. Special Offers

- There are lots of offers available, I recommend only doing the free ones, unless your already going to do one of the others.
- Surveys, Free game or program downloads, or signing up for free email subscriptions and coupons, plus lots of other types.

6. Referrals

- When you refer someone they are then called your "friends"
- When you refer friends, you get points when they sign up!
- Depending on your member level, you can get the same points when they win on the Super Lucky Button or when they take surveys.

What are the Points Worth?

- Each point is worth 1 cent, whether it's in cash, a gift card, or anything else.
It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up quick when you keep using it and get referrals under you.

- 500pts = $5.00
- 1,000pts = $10.00
- 5,000pts = $50.00 ....etc.

What Can I Get With Points?

- You can redeem your points for...
- Giftcards, for lots of places, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and much more
- Cash, they pay you with Paypal
- Electronics, and more!

What Are Member Levels?

- There is 4 different levels...

1.) None

- You just joined Superpoints

- You get 5 clicks per day on the Super Lucky Button
- You get 2 referral links at a time
- You cannot redeem points until you become basic member level
- No surveys available until you reach Basic member level

2.) Basic Member Level

- You have validated your email address and completed your basic info in your profile.
- You get 30 clicks per day on the Super Lucky Button
- You can get surveys but at a low priority
- You get 5 referral links at a time
- You can redeem 2,500 points at a time

3.) Gold Member Level

- You have completed your advanced profile, added a photo, and have referred 2 friends that are Basic level or higher.

- You get 50 clicks per day on the Super Lucky Button
- You also win what your referrals win on the Super Lucky Button
- You can get surveys but at low priority
- You get points when your referrals take surveys
- You get 10 referral links at a time
- You can redeem 1,000 points at a time
4.) Platinum Member Level

- You now have referred 5 or more friends that are Basic level or higher.

- You get 100 clicks per day on the Super Lucky Button
- You also win what your referrals win on the Super Lucky Button
- You can get surveys at high priority
- You get 15 referral links at a time
- You can redeem 500 points at a time

How Do Referrals Work?

- You get points for each person that you refer!
- At Gold level+ you win what your referrals win on the Super Lucky Button
- At Gold level+ you earn points when your referrals do surveys
- People with 5 referrals or more on average earn points 10 times faster!
- You can see who is earning you points when you click on your points total at the top of the page, here is what mine looks like:

- You can also see what friends are earning the most points for you overall on your profile, and you can look at all of your friend's profiles.

- Here is what my profile looks like:

My Opinion Of Superpoints:

I think Superpoints is an excellant way to make some extra money online.  When you first start out it seems like it takes a long time to get points, unless you do a bunch of special offers or surveys....but once you get your member level up and some referrals under you, you will see a big difference as the points start to add up quickly! In 2 months I made $30.00 in paypal, using superpoints casually.

The best way to earn is to upgrade your member level as quick as possible and refer as many people as you can, then make sure you do all your Super Lucky Button clicks daily, the points will add up quickly if you do this.

The next best way to earn in my opinion is doing the free special offers, there is tons of them that only take a few minutes and pay decent points. Free game downloads and toolbars are my favorite, I just delete them later on after I get my points....sometimes to get your points you have to prove you did the offer, so make sure to take screen shots.

How Do I Join Superpoints?

To join you must be referred by a current member like me, here is my referral link:

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, by email or on twitter @kanoot85

Want to see some Proof?

Here is a screen shot from my Superpoints account and also one from my paypal account as proof that this site really works and is Legit!